Saturday, September 22, 2007

Should I be scared?

Clear out of the blue the other day, my dear husband asked me if I would knit him a sweater. Be still my heart! I of course jumped at the chance, showing him sweaters I'd knit for me so he could pick a yarn he liked. He picked Wool Ease, which is good. I don't expect he'll wear the sweater much so I don't want to spend a ton on materials. He wants plain black, plain sweater. This makes it super easy for me since I can machine knit most of it and have it for him in time to wear this fall. And I'm safe, right? No sweater curse when he's your husband, right??

Through my job, I know a lady who owns the only yarn shop in miles. It's a cute little shop in Brickerville. We got to talking this week and I mentioned I'm dyeing sock yarns and making knitting bags to sell on Etsy. She asked if I'd be willing to make some stuff up for her to sell at her shop. She's along a tourist route and often has people looking for local crafts. I was thrilled and jumped at the chance. I'm going to her shop for the Harvest Festival in a few weeks and hoped to have a bunch of yarn and bags to take with for her. Unfortunately, KnitPicks is sold out of the base yarn I use until the end of October! I was crushed. I have a few skeins left and am going to dye those for her, but it's super disappointing not to be able to do a larger batch right off the bat. I spent some time looking online trying to find a similar base, but came up empty. I found coned yarn that was close, but I don't have adequate facilities to measure skeins for consistent yardage. I don't feel my system of counting wraps on the skein winder is not accurate enough. Plus, pre-skeined yarn is just so much easier to work with. I did have good luck finding fabric for the bags, though. We went to my favorite fabric store, Martin's Fabric Barn, and found a line of marbled fabrics that look perfect. I can't wait to get started on them.

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