Sunday, August 05, 2007

Weekend update

New yarns are up on my Etsy store. "Bushel of Tomatoes" (tomatoes are EVERYWHERE right now!)and "Dragonfly"This is the new Treadsoft yarn I got recently. The yarn seems to me to be much finer than the KP Gloss I was using. I have that small ball of the Treadsoft I'm keeping to try for myself. But just by feel alone, I think I prefer the Gloss. If only Gloss were superwash, it would be perfect. The search for perfect dyeable yarn continues.

Yesterday, in addition to dyeing yarn, I put up a batch of tomatoes.
They are coming in so slowly this year. Which in a way is good since I can do them in smaller batches and not have to spend whole days working at canning. I froze the batch of sauce I made earlier this week. These I canned. I'm in the market for a good food mill which should greatly speed up the sauce making process.

On tap for today,
sorting through Granny K's craft box. I've been wanting to learn punchneedle embroidery since first seeing it at the Lancaster quilt show a few years ago. Mom got grannie's sewing and craft stuff after she died. When we were going through the boxes we found her "Pretty Punch" supplies, which mom graciously let me have. I'm hoping to find needles and instructions so I can finally learn this craft. If it looks promising, I'm going to get a book or 2 of folk art designs from Amazon. Because, I just NEED another hobby! Yeah right. Have you SEEN my Ravelry queue? I think it's up to 12 now (oops, no I just looked. 17). That's not including the 5 WIPs in my knitting basket. And the fabric waiting to become sock bags. I better get busy!

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