Sunday, July 15, 2007

Horcrux Finished!

Although not imbued with any piece of my soul, the Horcrux socks are finished.
Finished Horcurx socks
As I said before, these are a quick knit. I think the patterning helps them feel faster than plain stockinette socks since you get to constantly change up what you are doing. I don't like the heel on these, it's too baggy. Next time I'd use a slip stitch heel flap and a regular heel turn (rather than the band heel in the pattern). Otherwise, they fit great. I intend to wear these next weekend while reading Deathly Hallows. I have enough yarn left over I could knit another sock. Don't know if this is normal for this pattern or just a lucky break. I should have plenty to knit a pair of ankle socks (my next sock project).

With all the dyeing I've been doing lately, I discovered I really could use a skein winder. Winding skeins on my swift does work, but it puts a lot of strain on the connections and I was constantly having to retie the bars. So I looked into getting a skein winder. Unfortunately, budget wouldn't allow the $80+ expenditure, not with Quilt Odyssey only 2 weeks away not to mention the undyed yarn I bought to dye. Enter my very handy with woodworking dad and voila...
Skein Winder
Fantastic! It's beautiful and turns so smoothly. I can't wait to get the Treadsoft skeined up for dyeing.

I frogged the Four Seasons Cardigan from months ago. It's been sitting in the box untouched for nearly a year by my reckoning and the more I looked at it the more I knew I'd never finish it. So it's frogged and has been re knit, by machine, into a v-neck cardigan of my own design (with the help of the Knitware software). That's it laying on the table behind the skein winder. I got all the pieces knit up between Friday night and this morning. Now I'm working on the hand knitting, adding the hems and seaming. The instructions direct to knit the button/buttonhole bands separately and sew them on, but I think I'm going to pickup and knit the band. I HATE sewing up. I'll go back and rewatch EZ's instructions for picking up a cardigan band on the Knitting Glossary dvd and should be fine.

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