Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (spoiler)

My collection is now complete.

The book is read and I know how it all turns out. If you haven't read the book yet, stop now and go read the book.

As usual, JKR did a fantastic job. To read a nearly 800 page book in 2 days for me, the writing has to be good. I was a little surprised that 2 characters were killed in the first hundred pages. It wasn't a blood bath, but there were a number of deaths in this one, some expected, some not. As expected, good conquers evil. I was glad we finally found out why Dumbledore so implicitly trusted Snape. His belief that love is the strongest magic at the heart of it, of course. I wish there had been some interaction between Snape and Harry, did Harry forgive and accept Snape's role? I would also have liked more to the end of the story. The battle ends and then we skip forward 19 years, the kids of the trio are now heading off to Hogwarts. So obviously Hogwarts recovered, but how? Under who's guidance? And what finally became of the trio, besides getting married and having kids? Overall, I'm quite satisfied with the book as a whole though. I do hope the rumors that JKR will someday release a compendium type book are true. I would love to read full character descriptions and histories of the places and things in the books from her point of view.

I'm a bit sad now it's over. But I do believe this is one of the best series of books I've ever read. To mastermind such a complex story over 7 books so superbly is an astounding feat. My hat is off to JK Rowling and thank her heartily for her outstanding contribution to literature.

And now, normal activity can resume. I'm off to knit!

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