Tuesday, May 15, 2007

L&V have corrupted me

I recently decided to try to catch up on some of the new knitting podcasts. Well, new to me. Since I've been spending so much time working in the garden, I've had plenty of time to load up the MP3 player and listen. Boy, I had no idea what I was missing! Brenda Dayne is still the reigning queen of knitting podcasts, but there are a ton of great ones out there now. I'll try to get the sidebar updated soon. Meanwhile, if you've been living under a rock as I apparently have been, check these out:
Socks in the City

Sticks and String
Stash & Burn
and finally...
Lime and Violet OMG, I can not say enough good things about this podcast. They irreverent, totally yarn obsessed, sweet, funny, smart, ever
ything! Go, download, listen, laugh your ass off! Warning, they are SERIOUS stash enablers. I can not listen while at the computer for fear of buying everything in yarn porn.

Mother's day was this past weekend. Here was my gift to
mom...A lovely scarf knit from some of the fab wool she brought me from New Zealand. So totally the wrong time of year for a mohair scarf, but she seemed to love it anyway. I made the pattern up, an inch or so of garter stitch, 1 row drop stitch, K 1 row, 1 row drop stitch, repeat until you run out of yarn. I should have made the scarf slightly skinnier so it would have been longer, but it's a completely usable scarf as is. I did a bit of beading in the fringe which looks really cute and adds a bit of weight to help the very light scarf hang a bit better.

The spa slippers are done. Unfortunately they don't fit me though. Hoping they'll fit my sister.
They took less than 1 ball of K1C2 2nd Time Around Cotton. The color is Scottish Moor. Very well matched buttons from Joann Fabrics. I love the style and want a pair of non-wool slippers so will be making my self a slightly bigger pair as soon as I get some yarn.

Speaking of yarn. I've got my own yarn porn today. Look at this!
This is Katsara yarns Merino Bamboo sock yarn in Shalimar. The picture doesn't even come close to doing it justice. First of all, it came packed in an adorable printed cellophane bag with a little lavender sachet so it smelled heavenly. It is soft as a cloud. The colors are fantastic. I could become seriously addicted to this yarn. Go look at the colorways...I want Avalon, Monterey, Grove, Juniper, I could go on and on. Even if I never knit this up, I am happy just having it. And what is it they say in blog land? Sock yarns don't count towards stash, right?

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