Sunday, April 01, 2007

Phoney fun

WooHoo! I finally finished the body on the yoke sweater and attached the sleeves today. But first I decided to go ahead and put in the phoney seam.It's a little bit scary laddering down an entire stitch straight to the bottom...But kind of fun too. And hooking the stitch back up was super easy. Kind of makes you feel like a knitting super hero when you try something new and scary and it works perfectly. The look is decidedly subtle.Non-knitters might not even see that there is a difference in that center stitch. But EZ is right, it does create a super fold line so the sweater lays nice and flat. I decided to go ahead and weave the underarm seams right away since the stitch holders were really annoying and getting in the way. I tried to get pictures, but it's just too dreary to get decent closeups today. But I must say, watching Elizabeth demonstrate weaving on the Knitting Workshop was like a light dawning on me for kitchener stitch. In the past I've always kitchenered with the Knitter's Companion open beside me, following step by step with each stitch. It's very time consuming and requires loads of concentration for me to feel I'm doing it right. Well, Elizabeth takes her knitting off the needles and literally weaves the stitches, in one stitch, out the next, move to top row, in one stitch, out the next, bottom row into 2nd stitch out 3rd, top row, into 2nd stitch out 3rd, bottom row into 3rd stitch out 4th, and so on. It's so simple. I can't believe I've been struggling with this forever and it's easy as pie. Now, I only took two stitches off the needle at a time, I'm not that brave, but I completed both underarm seams in about the time it would normally take me to do one toe on a sock. Amazing. My life is changed. Now it's time for me to seriously figure out what pattern goes on the yoke. I have to knit a few more plain rounds and then it's showtime. Hopefully I'll have something to report on this front next post.

Meanwhile, the library auction was a hoot. My soap basket was a hit. Went for $45! Hope the lucky bidder likes them as much as I do. My sister was totally embarrassing me, raving about my soaps to everyone. Born salesperson that one is. We got into the bidding for the spinning wheel. It was us against another lady. Ultimately it went more than our budget, but it was fun none the less. It was a beauty though. I'm excited to go to work tomorrow and let Elaine know her boyfriend's handwork was a hit.

My obsession with GBS continues. The Courage & Patience & Grit dvd/cd combo arrived this week and was promptly loaded to my MP3 player where it has played nearly continuously. I was hoping to get Chuck on board with the whole celtic/folk/pop music thing, but he says it sounds like hillbilly music to him. So thank goodness for headphones.

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