Saturday, June 17, 2006

More dishcloth cotton love

Parade o' warshrags

The first in Peaches n Creme, Shades of Green. Using the BallBand Dishcloth pattern.

The second, using K1C2 2nd Time cotton in a blue color (lost the label so I don't know the name), using the Bee Stitch. This one shrank up a bit in the wash but is quite usable. The yarn is made from recycled textile waste. This color looks like it's made from old jeans and oh so soft.

The 3rd, back to the BallBand pattern in Sugar 'n Cream Landscape. The yarn is neatly dividing itself up the middle with brown on one side and green on the other. Everytime I see it, it reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Absorba is speeding right along. I hope to finish it up tonight. It's just about the right width now, but I'm going to need to put a stripe on each end to get it long enough. This is a fantastic, easy, fast to knit pattern. I'm already looking at colors to make matching rugs for in my kitchen. Will probably break down and order from Elmore-Pisgah since they have such a wide selection of colors. Depends how much they want for shipping, though, some say it's pretty high.

Finally, looky what the UPS guy dropped off yesterday. I won a tee-shirt from the nice folks at PotterCraft (the publishers of Mason-Dixon). They were giving away shirts in honor of the release of Big Girl Knits (wish they had given away the book too!)

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