Friday, June 09, 2006

Finished and begun

Finally, after almost a year (yes I'm slow, but I have a lot of stick-to-it-ivness), I have finished the Landscape Shawl. Washed & blocked it last night and wore it to work today. It is so cozy and soft, soft, soft. It is knit from Knit Picks Elegance in Grass using Fiber Trends Landscape Shawl Pattern. I used US size 10.5 needles and the numbers for fingering weight yarn. I ended up not doing the fifth panel since I ran out of yarn and it was plenty big enough anyway. There are mistakes (of course) and I’m not crazy about some of the yarn joins, but in all I am just thrilled to bits with it.

Since finishing the shawl, I’ve been splitting my time between the Country Silk shawl and this…

Apparently there are subliminal messages hidden between all the blatant warshcloth love talk in Mason-Dixon that make it impossible not to knit a BallBand dishcloth. I had picked up a couple of balls of Peaches & Crème and Sugar & Cream with the intent of knitting some dishrags one of these days (see previous posts). I wasn’t immediately taken with the BallBand pattern and have been looking online for something to catch my fancy. Nothing has. I’m just not a dishcloth kind of person. Then yesterday I just felt I HAD to do the BallBand dishrag. So I settled in with my yarn and needles and pattern and had at it. The pattern is exceptionally easy to memorize. After the first repeat I had it down. I’m only using one color rather than the two called for in the pattern, but I think the ombre yarn has enough interest on it’s own. This is the first I’ve knit with Peaches & Crème and am finding it very nice to work with. Soft and smooth, even for a cotton yarn.

Ann & Kay have had a lot of sway over my knitting this week. I got to page 82 and fell in love. Absorba, the Great Bathmat. I MUST KNIT THIS. I have been searching for a cooshy, absorbent, pretty bathmat forever. This one suits the bill to a T. I came up empty on the double worsted Peaches & Crème called for in the pattern. That’s not exactly true, several people pointed out it could be purchased from Cotton Clouds. But in the end, I decided to go with Sugar & Cream from Knitting Warehouse. I was able to get a cone of Cream, and balls of Ecru and Soft Violet for cheap and it will be here Monday (in plenty of time for my long weekend coming up!) Already told hubby I plan on spending alot of time knitting so don't make too many plans! I'm shite at picking colors though, so I hope these work well together. My bathroom is blue with purple accents so I'm thinking this will work. This girl can pick colors! Who'd have thought purple and orange would work so well? I feel...inspired!

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Norma said...

The Dishcloth in Green Ombre is beautiful. The idea of using only one color is great!!