Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Looky what UPS delivered while I was home for lunch today...

I was so bummed to have to leave my new treasure and go back to work. And I didn't figure calling in sick with yarn fever would work either (I kind of think they are on to my knit
ting obsession.)

I'm thinking of using this Williamsburg Blue for a machine knit sweater.

These are the colors I thought about for the rugs, but I'm not so sure now that I see them together. I'll do some swatching after dinner and see how it works out. I'm considering just knitting garter-stitch rectangles for the rugs rather than log-cabins. Hopefully my path becomes clear once I start swatching.

By the way, Absorba washed up great. Was just a tad damp out of the dryer, but hung it over the shower bar and it was fine. Softened up nicely and the stitches seemed to tighten up.

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