Monday, June 19, 2006

Absorba, the Finished!

In only 7 days, I have completed Absorba. Final tally, just under 6 balls of Ecru (literally, there were only a few yards left on the last two balls), 2 2/3 balls Soft Violet (I was surprised to find the yardage to be more in these balls) and an unknown amount of Cream (since it was a cone, it’s hard to tell, but there’s a ton left!) It measures 30 ½ by 22 inches (pre-washing). I put extra rows on the ends to get it close to the size of the bathmat I had been using since it was the perfect size for in front of our shower. I have some trepidation about washing this puppy, though. As the book describes, it looks like it will easily soak up a couple of gallons of water. Great for bath time, not so great when it comes to washing time. It just missed laundry day and I’m not making a special load just to see what happens. Will report how it washes up next week.

Now I’m kind of in knitting limbo land. The rug was such a quick and satisfying project. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do next. Yes, there are still the half finished CC Tunic and the similarly half finished 3 Seasons Cardi, but it is WAY too hot to even think about touching their wooliness. I’m on the fence about the Country Silk Shawl. There is only a touch of wool in it, but it still seems to stick in my fingers in this hot weather. The dishcloths seem to be the favored project this summer. They are little, so they don’t heat up your lap while you are knitting. The cotton doesn’t stick to sweaty hands. Everyone can use dishrags, so I can give the extra’s away. I’ve still got a couple of colors of Sugar n Cream to go and yarn left over from Absorba too so I can actually work from stash for once!

I’m still thinking about ordering some cones of Peaches n Crème to make matching kitchen rugs for in front of the sink and inside the side door. I’m leaning towards the Seabreeze ombre colorway, but buying it in individual colors (teal, dark brown, white, tan). I’m afraid 3 or 4 strands of the ombre together wouldn’t turn out very well. It would be neigh onto impossible to keep the color changes matching up for a whole rug. With the individual colors held together, I think the color would be more homogenous throughout. Again, I’m shite with colors, so if anyone has experience with mixing colors to knit a rug, I’d love the advice.

It was a movie weekend here in the Smith home. We haven’t been to the video store in ages so there was a good bit to choose from. Every time we rent movies, I end up not getting to watch them. Either something comes up or I just am not in the mood for the movies we rented. This time, it worked out well. Hubby picked out Batman Returns and War of the Worlds, I picked Alexander, Dodgeball and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I was disappointed with Alexander, but the rest were all really good. Dodgeball was laugh out loud funny. Rip Torn was hysterical! I’d say Batman was the best of the bunch. I don’t usually care much for the superhero movies, but this one was excellent, by far the best of the Batman movies. Also watched Bridgett Jones 2. Very funny, as good as the first (can’t say that often of sequels!)

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