Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Sock report

Here, the red Wool-ease socks after a day of wear.

They are so comfortable. Nice and thick, but not too warm. They make my ankles look like tree trunks though. They fuzzed up ever so slightly at the heel, nothing major. I've started my next pair already. This time with a single strand of Wool-ease in Pines Print. I had to go all the way down to a US 3 needle! The red ones were knit on US 7. I think the final gauge came out to 7/inch to get a fabric that felt sturdy enough for socks. This is much finer than I had anticipated, but I decided since I'm on a sock roll, I might as well keep going. Still not as bad as the sock-yarn socks.

Here are some progress pictures of the Port Orford pullover.

I love the look of this fabric. I wish I could post a swatch that you could see and touch. The yarn itself if pretty fine so I'm double stranding it. The fabric has a wonderful drape and will be a nice warm weather sweater, I think. I've had a sort of love hate relationship with cotton so far. Love the look, hate knitting with it. This, however, seems to be the perfect blend of wool, cotton and silk. Too bad it was a no-name eBay find.

I spent the weekend pretty much as I thought I would, parked in my new chair knitting. Watched Star Wars Episode 1 (got the first 3, the NEW first 3 for Christmas). Being a child of the 70's & 80's, the old first 3 still hold a special place in my heart, but the new first 3 are so cool with the special effects and stuff. The old ones now seems kind of dated when we watch them. I watched a bit of the Knitting Glossary. Much to my delight, there is an interview at the end with Meg interviewing her mom. What a treat! Elizabeth is so funny and easy going. She must have been a wonderful teacher. I believe some of her old PBS shows are available on tape. Will have to check that out and work on adding them to my collection.

I've read two of the soapmaking books (one of the ones I bought and one I checked out from the library). It is absolutely fascinating. I've been doing some research online too, trying to find good prices for supplies. I found a few places that actually sell a soapmaking kit. This will probably be how I end up starting since buying all the ingredients will be pretty costly. I want to finish reading the other two books as some of the information is different in the first two, need to find a consensus. I also need to find a manageable batch size. The Natural Soap Book has only 40 bar batches, hardly how I want to experiment! And what would a family of 2 do with 40 bars of soap?! We'd be REALLY clean, that's for sure.

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