Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Progress pictures

As promised, progress pictures of my current knitting...

The wee baby sweater. It's about midway up the sleeves. This part is making me nuts,
juggling four balls of yarn (I'm double stranding the purple because it's a little finer than the worsted weight called for in the pattern) and using separate balls of green at each sleeve cuff. I'm tempted to wind a bobbin for the cuff, but I'm so afraid I'll cut it too short and have to join on for the last 2 rows! When I made this sweater before, I knit both sides of the front at the same time. The pattern calls for knitting them separate. I think I'll follow the pattern this time to save juggling what will end up being 6 balls of yarn!

Wasn't able to get a very good picture of the Pine sock for some reason.
The color is much less blue, a deep rich green with only a little blue mixed in. Even though the gauge ended up being a good bit finer than the other Woolease socks, I'm really liking it. Haven't knit more than a row or two the last several days though, spending most of my time working on the baby sweater and reading my soap books.

I'm anxiously awaiting my soap supplies to arrive. I've still got my fingers crossed for making my first batch this weekend. Especially since I've just found that it takes up to 4 weeks for the soap to "cure" before it can be used. This will be quite an exercise in patience for me, I'm sure. But, the books all assure me, it will be worth the wait. And I'm sure they are right. I've purchased tons of handmade soap at craft fairs and off the Internet. It's all been wonderful. Hope springs eternal that my efforts will prove as good.

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