Saturday, January 07, 2006


I've added two new podcasts to my list. Cast-on is my absolute favorite. I'm actually listening to Brenda Dayne as I write this. She has a "good voice for radio". She includes music and lots of thoughts on knitting in each podcast in a conversational manner. The Knitting News Cast is another new podcast I recently discovered. Rhonda Bell provides book, yarn and pattern reviews in her podcasts. I'm still downloading and listening to the back casts from both ladies (dial up is a definite disadvantage to podcast downloading!)

I'm nearly finished reading the third soap book (Soap: Making it, Enjoying it). This put me over the edge. I broke down and ordered supplies to make a few small batches of soap. Found a website, Creation Farm Soap, which offered really good prices and free shipping so it seemed like a good place to start. The order should arrive next week, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed I won't have to work next weekend and I can try to make some soap. The whole chemistry of soap making has me intrigued, how you can take something lovely like olive oil and something horrid like caustic lye and combine them to make a completely different creation that gets you clean and makes you smell good, fascinating. I want to read Everything Soapmaking yet before I do this. It has the actual recipes I intend to try. Most of the other book's recipes make rather large batches (20-40 bars). This book includes starter recipes that only make a few bars. This book is out of print, but highly recommended. I was lucky enough to come across a copy on and am very glad I did.

As for this weekend, no plans as such. We've been on the go every weekend for the last month. It'll be so nice to stay in and relax. The first sock in my second Wool-ease pair is into the gusset now. The color is really pretty, greens and blues. With any luck and a good movie, I should be able to finish this sock up before Monday. I realized yesterday, I need to get started on a project to donate to the local library spring auction. I have yarn to make a little baby cardigan (I made one for my cousin's baby last year and it went over really well). But with busy time at work coming up, I better get cracking. May start that before even doing sock 2 of this pair. We'll see. If I at least get the cardi on the needles, I think I'll feel better.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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