Thursday, January 19, 2006


Here we go again.

Beautiful, lovely, sock yarn. Yes, yes, I know what you are saying. What about all the sock yarn you bought last fall. What about the Sockotta sock sitting half knit in the cabinet drawer. But, oh, this is different, me laddo. This is Opal 6-ply! It is nice and fat, no fear this one won't get knit. In fact, I'm decreasing the toe on the Pines sock and with any luck will have it completed tomorrow (I won't set the bar so high as to expect myself to Kitchener the toe shut at 10 o'clock at night.) I am sorely tempted to be very naughty and not knit the second Pines sock (hey, I've got really good notes how I knit the first) and instead cast on the Opal. I really shouldn't. I've got the Library cardi to finish. Although, I have made very good progress on it, better than half finished, and I've still got a good month, month and a half to finish it. Then there's Port Orford which hasn't had a stitch knit on it in at least a week. Then, of course, there's the Cottage Creations pattern whose yarn should arrive by Saturday. One theory, I could just keep starting projects as long as I have a suitable bag to house the project (two cats = can't leave knitting laying around unprotected). Seeing how my tote bag collection rivals many women's shoe collections, I think I'm golden. By the way, the Opal came from this seller on eBay. She has lots more, go buy some!

Speaking of eBay, check out my other auction acquisition
Bond, James Bond. I am obsessed with trying to get the first 5 from the series. So far, I've got Dr. No and now From Russia With Love. They are apparently out of print so I'm reduced to scouring eBay and to try to come up with reasonably priced copies. Some people are way more obsessed than I and run the prices into outrageous levels, so this may take awhile. I owe my James Bond fascination to dad. I remember he would always watch the movies when they were on TV. Usually the Sunday Night movie. They always let us stay up to watch at least part of the movie. I read the books when I was a kid, too, but I think the movies made a bigger impression. Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan are just about tied in my eyes as the ultimate Bond. I don't hold much hope for the new guy. But, better to bring some new blood in than run the actors past their prime in the role (look at Roger Moore in View to a Kill or Sean Connery in Never Say Never Again!)

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