Tuesday, January 10, 2006


You'd never know it was Farm Show week in Pennsylvania. Historically, the week of the Pennsylvania Farm Show general brings out the nastiest of weather. Generally at least one big snowstorm. This year, however, we appear to have been transported to some alternate universe and the weather is mostly fair and mild. Yesterday the mercury kissed 60. In JANUARY! Today it's supposed to be near 50. Very strange. Not that I'm complaining. Any winter day without snow is a good day to me.

Meanwhile, the cats have been on a hunger strike. After some long consideration, we decided it was time to change their diet and get them onto some better cat food. I say "long consideration" because I have what may be the world's 2 finickiest cats. They eat almost nothing but their regular cat food. I've given countless bags of treats away because they just turn their noses up. Their favorite treat is simply their cat food, doled out from a different box! Regardless, switching food seemed to be the right course so we decided to start the process on Friday. I mixed in just a little (maybe a few tablespoons) of the new cat food into their current food. Saturday, the food remained untouched. By Saturday night, it looked as if a few pieces may have been eaten, but they certainly hadn't cleared their plate like normal. Quinn finally caved on Sunday and we saw her eating a little. Stuart held out all the way until Monday night when he finally ate some. They don't seem any worse for wear from their little hunger strike, but we knew all along they'd eat when they got hungry enough.

Temptation got the better of me and I cast on the baby sweater over the weekend. I love knitting wee little clothes. This cardi is turning out so cute. It's knit all in one piece, starting at the bottom of the back, up over the shoulders and down the front. I'm using a violet colored cotton/acrylic yarn I got from eBay with the hem and cuffs in a pale green. I'll try to get some progress pictures up in the next day or two.

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