Sunday, January 15, 2006


My soap supplies didn't make it for this weekend, bummer. But, I made the most of the free weekend. I made some melt & pour soap, a yummy sandalwood & frankincense blend with just a touch of vanilla and clove. I make these (generally) one bar at a time so I can experiment with scents and colors. I'm a complete fragrance fiend. I've been pouring over the different supply catalogs and websites for new scents to order. I've got a few on hand, some that I love, some that I hate and a few that are almost empty and need replacing. The choices are endless and after awhile my head starts to spin and I have to stop looking. I've narrowed it down a bit. But I'm trying to keep my resolve and not order any other soap stuff until I've made at least a batch or two.

My resolve on purchasing knitting stuff is not as strong. I've got some patterns on order for a cardigan and a pullover. Last week I won a ball of Opal 6ply on eBay (it's coming from Canada, though, so will probably take awhile to get here.) And today I discovered Elann has added a worsted weight wool/alpaca yarn to it's Peruvian line so I ordered enough in Jasper to make the Cottage Creations tunic. I'm leaning towards KnitPicks Andean Silk for the cardigan, but haven't actually placed that order yet. I have no idea why I'm ordering more patterns and yarn. I've got 3 active projects on the needles and 2 in holding. Somehow, my brain thinks I'm a much faster knitter than I'll probably ever actually be. Oh well, much like my fabric stash, if nothing else, it's good insulation for the house!

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