Thursday, December 15, 2005

The day I've been waiting for

Check it out...

That's right, folks. Lisa got herself a REAL, fully functional, lots to learn, non-POC digital camera! Woo-hoo. I will need to spend some time reading the book to figure out all the features and how to get some really great pictures. But these aren't bad for a start. Here's what Chuck & I did tonight whilst it snowed (again!)

Yummy Christmas cookies. We're trying to stick to a lo-fat diet and these are actually no-fat (recipe here). The colored sugar was Chuck's idea, but a darn good one at that. The are delicious, much like macaroons, and very cheery looking. We also attempted some fat-free oatmeal chocolate macaroons, but they didn't turn out, wouldn't hold together. We decided the resulting coated oatmeal would make a yummy, albeit sweet granola. If I can get ahold of my Grannie's divinity recipes, we hope to make a batch this weekend.

Finally, knitting. I finished these oh-so-toasty mittens for me.

They turned out too big, so I hand felted them in the bathroom sink (my hands are still aching). I didn't want to machine felt them for fear they would shrink too much and I wouldn't be able to get them on. As it turns out, they are now perfect. I have the Port Orford sweater started. Only a few inches knit on the back so nothing much to show yet.

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