Sunday, October 30, 2005

Well, tomorrow it's back to work. At least with turning the clocks back last night we gained an extra hour of vacation time. Although I didn't manage to finish the charm quilt, I did get a lot of knitting done this week. I had hoped to post some pictures, but Blogger's picture upload isn't working.

Mom and I had a good time in Lancaster yesterday. The Old Country Store's quilt museum is now free and we enjoyed looking at the quilts on display. This year's display is all recent quilts, but the majority were still of traditional patterns. As usual when I see a bunch of lovely quilts, I was inspired to sew again and purchased a pile of fabric. We ended up at 3 different fabric shops (this area of Lancaster is LOADED with fabric buying opportunities!) Most being amish or mennonite, no websites to post.

Off to get some rest. Hopefully pictures tomorrow.

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