Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Still Christmas knitting

I've been doing some heavy duty knitting of late. Christmas Present #1 is finished and FABULOUS! I don't know how I'm going to give that one away. Guess I'll have to knit one for myself. Rented a bunch of movies over the weekend and did little else than watch movies and knit. Finished the second sleeve on the Dark Earth sweater. Hope to have it seamed up in the next day or two. I started work on Present #2 out of the Encore Dk yarn. After several hours of knitting, I decided I hated the way it was turning out and frogged it. The yarn is a slightly different gauge than the pattern I'm working and I my adjustments resulted in the thing being too big. Plus I'm just not that crazy about the yarn. It's an acrylic/wool blend and feels pretty soft in the ball. But knit up, it's feeling sort of scratchy. I think all this merino and alpaca I've been knitting lately has spoiled me. I'm in the process of getting together another KnitPicks order to get more Andean Treasure (and a bunch of other yarn, of course!) Not sure what will become of the Encore. Maybe I'll knit up a swatch and wash it, see if that helps.

As of right now, I only have 3 WIPS. Hard to believe, I know. There's the sock, the shawl and the afghan (which hasn't seen the light of day since last winter!) Which one will be the winner until the KnitPicks yarn arrives? Or maybe I'll take a break and try to catch up on my reading. Decisions, decisions!

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