Friday, October 28, 2005

My week so far

Vacation has been quite enjoyable. Total relaxation. Knitting up a storm.

Here's Kitty Pi all finished...
Turned out smaller than I hoped. I used leftover Malabrigo rather than the bulky Kureon called for in the pattern. Should have increased my rounds to make up for the difference. The cats seem very interested in it. I put it on Quinn's favorite chair (my sewing room chair) and she curled right up on it. Yeah, ON it. It's too small to get IN it. She didn't seem to mind though.

Very little progress on the sock... Still working on the heel flap. Very slow going. Looks like me and sock have a long road ahead of us. I'm using heel stitch and find I have to watch my hands or I drop stitches. I lose interest in this very fast. So I started this...

The fact that it is so flipping cold already has forced me to dig out the hot water bottle to keep my feet warm. I'm knitting a cover out of Takhi Bunny which is so soft and cuddly. Making up the pattern as I go.

Here's a picture of the afghan I was telling you about.

See how obvious the seam lines are? Not sure what I'm going to do with it. At the very least, I should undo the seams and redo them. But that sounds way too much like work to me.

The charm quilt on Tuesday when I finally got around to working on it. I got about 4 more rows tied. As you can see, there's a long way to go. It's now neatly folded in the corner with my sewing box, waiting for another day. I'm having to work on the floor and my knees and back aren't liking that at all. I can tie one row, then have to stop for awhile. Hope to get some more tied tomorrow and Sunday.

Tomorrow mom and I are going to Lancaster county to the quilt shops. We are deeply disappointed that our favorite candle shop, Old Candle Shed, is closed while they relocate. We make a pilgrimage there every year to stock up on candles for winter. Guess we'll just have to look somewhere else.

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