Monday, October 24, 2005

Cue the GoGos

That's right, baby, I'm on VACATION! Nine (yes I count the weekends at either end) whole, glorious days away from the office. Hubby and I are notoriously low-key and hate to travel. My plans mostly consist of watching piles of movies and knitting and quilting until my arms fall off. So far we are off to a great start. Friday night we braved the rain and went to Green Dragon (a local flea market). It's a bit of a drive, but we try to get there once a year or so. Many of the vendors were closed so we didn't find much to buy. I bought some scents for making soap, but that's about it. Saturday we hit a local antique mall, there aren't many left around here any more. I scored a couple of sets of knitting needles for $.50 a set! I wasn't able to find the needles I need for dad's hat so I placed an order with Knitting Warehouse. Should have them by weeks end.

Yesterday and today I spent knitting an afghan on my knitting machine. Managed to break a needle in the process but was able to replace it with one from the end. I'm not thrilled with the afghan. It's made of TLC Essentials in ivory and dark green. It felt horrid while knitting, but softened up nicely after washing. It's a bit thing though. I even went down 2 keyplate sizes from the recommended size and it's still thin. I think I may line it if I find fabric I like.

I'm back to hand knitting now. I'm working diligently on the cat bad since the temperature has really dropped. They are calling for lows in the 30's later this week. Tomorrow's high is only supposed to be upper 40's.

Tomorrow I'm getting a perm (always schedule some pampering on vacation!) I intend to spend the rest of the day finishing my "Grannie's Charm Quilt". This is a quilt I started some years ago in memory of my Grannie Kleibrink who died in 2000. Each square is a different fabric (hence a charm quilt). I had originally intended to hand quilt it, but it proved to daunting a task. I started tieing it last year, but had to put it away after only finishing a few rows and haven't gotten back to it since. I'm going to get it finished this week. After that, I'm really hoping my needles come so I can work on the hat. I swatched the Merino Style the other day and can not wait to get knitting with it. Another winner from Knit Picks.

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