Monday, October 03, 2005

Complete at last

With the addition of this...

I finally have the a complete Harry Potter Library.

When I first got hooked on Harry, I had gotten the paperback
set. Then I discovered that these books are most definitely keepers and needed to be in the nicest editions I could find. Sorcerer's Stone was the hardest to come by at a decent price. I really lucked out on this one. I'm thinking I should re-read Goblet of Fire before the movie comes out next month. But first, I must finish Yarn Harlot (a riot! Buy it, read it, love it.)

Poor Dark Earth sweater still awaits it's last arm...

I've really gotten into knitting Christmas presents of late, so it's not getting much attention. I am such a slow knitter, I labor under the assumption I won't be able to finish all the holiday knitting I want to do by Christmas (that and my short attention span for sticking to projects, which has me more worried!) However, Present #1 is progressing very nicely and will be finished by tomorrow with any luck. I'm sorry it's finished though because I simply ADORE the Andean Treasure yarn. I must get more and think of something to do with it.

Here are my current stash acquisitions:

That's the Sock Landscapes from Knit Picks and some Encore DK for Christmas Present #2. My sweetie and I were at the yarn shop on Saturday. I fondled the lovely local merino, handpainted sock yarn, but made myself walk away. No more sock yarn until I finish at least one sock! Nothing has been knit on poor sock in a week or so. It waits patiently for me, in it's little bag beside my knitting chair. Since the Christmas knitting is going so well, maybe I'll take a break before starting #2 and at least try to make it to the heel on sock.

I still need yarn for Present #3. It's a watch cap for dad (remember he doesn't do the whole blog thing, safe to talk about this one.) I'm thinking of going with this yarn in Navy or Forest. Anyone tried it? I've shopped with Webs before but have never tried their Valley yarns. Merino/alpaca blend sounds scrumptious and nice and warm for a hat. I might order some of the bulky Berkshire to make these slippers for me. Suggestions welcome.

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