Thursday, September 15, 2005

Too hot, again!

When, oh when will fall arrive? It's the middle of September, school has started, the leaves are starting to turn and fall...yet still it's 90 degrees today. I'm so into finishing the Dark Earth Malibrigo sweater. See how helpless it looks without arms?
Since it was too hot to knit anyway, I spent the better part of this evening working out the sleeve. Thus, the sun is going down as we speak, so further thus, bad light for the POC camera. You get the idea though.

I tried to cheer the poor neglected sweater up with this...
It's the yarn harlot's new bookbookbook2! The sweater was very impressed and happy. I, on the other hand, am monogomas when it comes to books. So I must finish Angels & Demons before I start on this one. I'm tiding myself over by reading her daily blog posts (that doesn't count as cheating on the book, does it?)

Here's the progress on my sock. I can actually stand to knit on this a little, even in the heat. The colors are just gorgeous. The cotton feels just a little stiff. But cotton always does to me and I'm knitting at a pretty tight gauge. Everyone seems to suggest knitting at a tighter gauge for longer wear. The swatch felt softer after being washed so I'm sure these will feel fine.

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