Monday, September 05, 2005

More finished objects

Yeah! I finished the Mad Aunts of Elingham!! Vivian from The Knutty Knitter was kind enough to send me the extra ball I needed. Here are some pictures of the finished sweater.

I love the way the cables grow out of the ribbing and continue onto the neck. It is so soft and cuddly. But, it's surprisingly heavy. The weight really stretches the neck out (the picture on the pattern shows the neck standing up more.) The machine sewn seams are a bit bulky. Now that I have plenty of yarn, I may redo the seams at some point. I'll have to see how it wears. I think, because of the weight, the machine seams may provide better support than hand sewn seams.

I also finished the Manos Del Uruguay mittens. They just barely fit me, so I felted them ever so slightly to fit my sister-in-law's smaller hands. They should be nice and toasty this winter.

I cast on the Sockotta socks and have about an inch of ribbing done. I'm using the instructions from Knitty's Sock 101. I'm reading through Simple Socks and will probably try her techniques on my next pair.

I've been in a mood to get stuff finished lately. I've only got 4 projects going at the moment (hard to believe, I know.) The socks, the shawl, the Malabrigo sweater and an afghan. The sweater and afghan have been packed away since winter. I'll probably get the sweater out later this week. Finishing MA has me inspired to finish that one too. It's got to get ALOT cooler before the afghan comes out. Whatever possessed me to knit an afghan is beyond me. I can see that project dragging on for years since I only want to work on it when it's really cold and it's a TON of knitting.

Now I'm off to do laundry and enjoy the last few hours of this long weekend before having to go back to work tomorrow.

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