Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Catching up

It's been a while since my last post. Turns out my life may be less blog worthy than I had originally hoped! But for those who are interested, here's what's been going on...

I've finally passed the ribbing on my sock and am about an inch into the leg. I'm just doing a plain jane stockinette stitch for the body of the sock. The Sockotta yarn is patterning really nicely. Thanks MG for the heel advice. I'm still undecided which I will use. The short row heel sounds so complicated in the directions. But often knitting makes more sense in the doing than in the directions.

I started up the Malabrigo sweater again. Finished the front last night and have bound off the shoulders. I try to always do a 3 needle bind off for shoulders. It looks nice and it eliminates the need to seam. I love the way this sweater is turning out. It puts me in mind of the softest sweatshirt. I can see myself living in this thing all winter. I'm thinking of adjusting the sleeves a bit. It's a drop shoulder design, much like the MA sweater. The sleeves on that one are a bit deep. I'm thinking of making them just a little less wide. Since it's a drop shoulder sweater, I don't need to worry about fitting an armhole on the body of the sweater. Should be easy enough.

The weekend was busy. Our local library held their annual Book & Bake sale. My mom is on the library board so our whole family ends up helping out. We help man the bake sale and also help pack up leftover books at the end of the day. It's usually a fun day for a good cause and we always end up with lots of books to bring home (paperbacks are only $.25 and most hardbacks range from $1 - $3). I'm currently reading the copy of Dan Brown's Angels & Demons I picked up. I was quite disappointed when it started out as almost a carbon copy of DaVinci Code plot wise. But it's gone it's own direction now and is a pretty good read.

We didn't spend much time at the sale this year because the memorial service for my grandmother was held on Saturday as well. The service was low-key, a simple graveside service presided over by the chaplin from the home where she lived the last few months of her life at. It was a beautiful sunny day. Everyone joined in singing In The Garden (this family is blessed with many great voices and it was such a comforting, uplifting experience). My uncle spoke about how his dad (my grandfather who died some 14 years ago) always loved hawks & eagles so much and that there was a red tail hawk flying over us that very morning. His spirit was there to greet my grandma and accompany her to heaven. I still get teary eyed thinking of it. Most everyone went back to my parents house for lunch afterwards. It was so wonderful seeing family I haven't seen in years. Everyone stayed and visited most of the day.

Lastly, my papa (sounds like pap-paw) is very seriously ill. This is my mother's father. He is in the hospital after suffering 2 heart attacks. Thoughts and prayers for him and the family are appreciated.

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