Friday, September 23, 2005

Catalogs galore

Again, it's been awhile since I posted so I'll catch you up. My grandfather's condition worsened so mom & dad flew to Texas. He remains in the hospital after undergoing triple bi-pass surgery. He's still not out of the woods and we continue to pray for his comfort and speedy recovery. Thankfully they aren't in a part of Texas that is supposed to be hard hit by Rita. Although my uncle & aunt from Houston have evacuated because their home could be hit. Again, we watch and wait and pray for everyone's safety.

Work has been insane. We are short staffed due to the other computer operator being on her honeymoon (in Jamaica no less, I'm so jealous!) and my mother (who also happens to be the office manager where I work) being away too. Normally I cover for either of them when they are out and it's not bad. Both out together gets a little more difficult. However, the benefit to working in a small office is that everyone helps each other out when times get tough. The other girls in the office with me have been such a support. Still, I've been too tired at night to blog.

I've knit a little, but not much. The heat continues. Although it seems to be cooling a bit this evening. Maybe the cold front is actually coming through (please, please let it rain!). I'm 3/4 done with the first sleeve for the Malabrigo sweater and my calculations seem to have worked to produce a decent looking sleeve. I should have plenty of time to knit this weekend so should easily finish this sleeve and get under way on the other one. The sock...well let's just say it's going to take a while and leave it at that.

The mailman left all sorts of temptation in the box today. There's the new Halcyon Yarn catalog, the new Knit Picks catalog (this link will get you free shipping, but I don't know for how long), and the new Wool Connection catalog. I'm in love with the Sweet Mary Jane Cardigan on the Knit Picks cover. But it's done in lace weight yarn. I'm pushing my patience with the fingering weight sock yarn. I can't imagine a whole sweater in lace weight.'s really tempting. Wouldn't hurt to buy the pattern...maybe even the yarn...just in never know...

Darned my slow reading, I still haven't finished Angels & Demons. I'm only about 20 pages from the end. Fell asleep in the book trying to finish it last night. Will definitely finish tonight. Then, Yarn Harlot here I come. I laughed out loud reading her last book. Hope this one is as good. How am I kidding, of course it will be. Wish I could have made it to Stitches this weekend. Stephanie is going to be signing books. Well, that and all the yarn. Maybe next year.

Bye for now.

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