Thursday, August 18, 2005


Allison at The BlueBlog is starting another Weasley Knit-Along and I joined right up. (Even got the button on my bar!) I think that it is highly appropriate for my first knit-along to be Harry Potter related. Since my yarn budget is blown right now, I won't be making the full blown Weasley sweater. Instead I'm going to do little mini-Weasley's for Christmas ornaments (see Allison's here). Aren't they cute? I don't have the pattern she used, but think this one will work perfectly. Just need to work out a chart for the initial and I'm golden. That shouldn't be too hard (she says knowing full well that that statement has probably just doomed her to hours fighting with the chart!) I think I'll do the traditional "H" first, see how it goes. Tonight I plan on doing some surfing to find the right yarn. The pattern calls for sock/fingering weight yarn. Anyone know of a tweedy looking sock yarn? Will keep you posted of how I make out. And if you're a Harry Potter fan, hop over to Allison's site and sign up!

Meanwhile, I mangaged to unpick the neck on MA and re-bind-off. Much better now. I can get it over my head. Downside is, now that I can see it on and get an idea of how it will look, I'm not loving the fuzziness. Feels like heaven, doesn't look so good though. I've started the sleeves and I will finish it, but the last few days have really knocked the shine off my highly anticipated sweater. Bummer. Has this ever happened to you? I'm leaving final judgment until it's finished, but I'm not as gung-ho has I had been. Maybe I'll just knit a little on the mittens, maybe even work on the shawl (I must get you a picture of the shawl. Gorgeous. Truly. No doubts about that one!).

Shopping for my Weasley will certainly make me feel better...and chocolate...must find chocolate. I think I'll go now.

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