Saturday, August 27, 2005


My grandma Miller died this week. She was my father's mother. She lived to be 94, would have been 95 next month. She died peacefully, in her sleep. She lived a long, full life, though over the last year Alzheimer's had claimed her mind. I have decide to list some of my favorite memories of her here (most are from when I was pretty young).

15 Things about Grandma
1. She had Christmas Elves that sat over her fireplace every Christmas. When I found a pair in an antique store, I snatched them up and now I have Christmas Elves too.

2. She babysat my sister and I when we were little.

3. She would make popcorn on the stove and take the lid off the pot to let the kernels fly all over.

4. She always had copies of old movie-star photo magazines around (I wish I could remember their names...)

5. She used to sunbathe all the time...and later had to deal with skin cancer spots as a result.

6. I remember her pulling a shotgun out of the kitchen coat closet on the farm to shoot the groundhogs in the field.

7. She made the absolute BEST pork roast ever. EVER!

8. Actually, all of her cooking was good. Sandtarts, ham, fried cornmeal mush (yeah, sounds bad. Is bad when I make it. Hers? Perfect.)

9. When I was little, she lived on a farm with my grandpa. The farm had an orchard, a stand of pine trees (which were magical to play under), an awesome barn (which we probably weren't supposed to be playing in), and a huge field around it. It wasn't a "working" farm then. But a wonderful place to spend time at as a kid.

10. She always had lovely scented glycerin soaps in the bath. This was probably the seed that sprouted into my current soap fixation.

11. There was a water pump outside the kitchen door on the farm with an enameled basin and icky lifeboy type soap. We always had to wash up out there after playing.

12. She had (I believe) 10 children. Three died in childhood. 4 still live here in Pennsylvania, 2 in Virginia and 1 in Florida.

13. She used to do beautiful embroidery work.

14. She kept a garden and had a cellar stocked with home-canned veggies.

15. She had a spinning wheel. I had asked my aunts about it recently, but they don't think she used it.

I have, of course, hundreds more memories of this woman and the times spent with her. There are just some of the best. I'm glad to have known her and will miss her.

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Mrs. Bluebird said...

Any grandmother that opens up the popcorn pan so the popcorn flies out had to have been awesome beyond belief. I'm glad you have so many great memories.