Monday, August 29, 2005

So close

I've got about 12 rows left to finish the last sleeve of the Mad Aunts sweater...
and I'm out of yarn. How iritating is that?! Worse, is I can't seem to find any online stores that carry it. I did find one, Woodland Woolworks. I've shopped with them before and they have great service, but they are closed for inventory so it wouldn't ship till next week. I really was hoping to finish it this weekend. Mom suggested I try calling the store I bought the yarn from originally and seeing if they'd be willing to mail me a ball. They are closed until the middle of the week. If I don't find any by then, I'll try calling.

Meanwhile, I knit a swatch with the Sockotta (needed car knitting over the weekend)
See how pretty the colors are? The picture is a little washed out, but the colors are really soft and subtle like that. I'll be casting on my socks this weekend for sure.

Since I can't finish MA, I figured there was no harm in starting the mini Weasley awhile. I only got the cast on done, so nothing to show yet. I'm hoping to get a few rows knit tonight. This should be pretty quick knitting.

More soon.

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