Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Quilter not a sewer

I'm a crafty person. Love quilting, knitting, crochet, most any kind of hand craft. I learned to sew probably sometime around age 7 when mom would give me and my sister scraps leftover from her sewing to fashion doll clothes for our Barbies. Eventually, I graduated to sewing clothes for myself. But I never truly enjoyed sewing garments. Shirts were a hassle for the collars, pants never fit right, and skirts have miles of hemming. So I channeled my love of sewing to quilts, a process that never fails to satisfy me. All those little pieces, sewn back together into a whole new thing of beauty. Probably doesn't hurt that I adore scrappy quilts (ala my grannie's style). And that I only do straight line piecing (those collars must have really scarred me against curves!)

So what was in the air on Friday at the quilt show to possess me to buy not one, but two clothing patterns from Park Bench? Mary Lou, the designer, greeted mom and I when we arrived at her booth. She's truly delightful (and not a little bit persuasive
). She showed us sample after sample of fabulous garments. She extolled us on the simplicity of the designs, the ability to be creative and have the clothes be just what you want them to be. I felt confident that although I hate garment sewing, this was something I could do (I mean, come on, we were at a quilt show for heaven's sake, should be easy enough for a quilter, right?) I left with Williamsburg & Woodstock. Mom got Audubon and Trinity River. A stop by our friendly JoAnn fabrics on the trip home and I was all set. Fabric to make the Williamsburg pants, Woodstock skirt and Audubon jacket (mom lives across the street so sharing patterns was part of the plan).

Well, let me just tell you. By noon Saturday I had had my fill of Woodstock. This was no easy-peasy pattern. My dear hubby had to stop me from chucking the whole thing in the trash when I couldn't get the 13 pattern pieces to fit my yardage (by the way, when the bolt says 45" wide, don't you think they could get close? 43" is not close.) He was able to devise a layout to fit all but the facing, so all was not lost. I chugged away at it all weekend, the miles and miles of overcasting seams (no I don't have a serger...Yet), the pieces that didn't fit (Mary Lou mentioned having the "freedom" to "play with the pattern"...this is a requirement I found out the hard way), an HOUR of running the floral stitching on the hem (I had the pedal to the metal on my Kenmore and it still took a full hour to run the hem!) But in the end, it did turn out really cool. I wore it to work on Monday and everyone loved it. Audubon is going much better. Haven't had much time to work on it after work, but should be able to finish it this weekend. When I get Williamsburg finished I'll get the camera and post some pics. Don't hold your breath, though. I'm a quilter not a sewer. This may take awhile.

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