Tuesday, August 09, 2005


It rained yesterday. This was good, we need the rain. But I knew I had tomatoes to pick (and needed some for supper) so hubby and I braved the rain and went out to the garden to gather these:

Our tomato crop had been pretty pitifully so far due to long dry periods interspersed with short heavy rains. For the first few weeks all we had were nasty, cracked tomatoes. Now, though, we have lovely, tasty, beautiful tomatoes. BLTs for supper, yum!

But while out there in the pouring rain, the pepper plants started crying out to be picked too. I put them off till today. Here's the first batch

Look how pretty! They are a variety called King Arthur. I've been growing these for 3 years now and have not been disappointed yet. They're all washed and cut up and in the freezer now. I'm trying mom's method this year of just cutting them in quarters and freezing them. She said they've had good luck doing it that way. In the past I chopped them before freezing. But since I didn't really feel like spending the night in the kitchen putting up peppers, thought I'd give it a try. The plants are loaded. If this doesn't work, there'll be plenty more!

I'm about 10 rows from finishing the back of the Mad Aunts sweater. I'm going to get it done tonight and put it on a spare needle (just in case the front doesn't work out according to my grand calculations!) With any luck, I'll be knitting cables by the weekend. I'm so excited! My first cable sweater!!

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