Sunday, August 21, 2005

Not much going on this weekend. I recovered from my bad day Thursday. Made yummy, lowfat chocolate chip cookies (which I left at work Friday so I wouldn't eat the whole batch this weekend). And found these to make my mini-Weasley sweaters...

They are Rowan Yorkshire Tweed 4ply in Butterscotch and Knight. Ordered from Jimmy Beans Wool. I've shopped with them before and highly recommend them. Great customer service and fast, cheap shipping. I worked out the graph for the "H" (much easier than I expected). I picked up some size 3 double points on Saturday, so I'm all set to go when the yarn arrives.

I've spent nearly the entire weekend watching James Bond on AMC and knitting on MA. I finished the first sleeve. It's going to be REALLY close with the yarn I have to finish. I think I should just make it, if I'm lucky. I'm holding all my scraps just in case! I sewed on the sleeve and seamed the left side. I do all my seaming on the sewing machine whenever possible. I hate sewing up with yarn. Now I'm able to get a good look at what the sweater is going to look like. I'm liking it better now that it's mostly sewn up. Chuck thinks it looks great and he's usually a better judge of these things than me. With any luck, I'll have it finished and post a picture by next weekend.

I frogged the wool purse I had started for car knitting the other week and reknit it on my Bond. Threw it in a super hot wash with an hold pair of jeans and in no time had a felted purse. The Cascade 220 shrank by about 50% lengthwise, but hardly at all widthwise. I suspect that's partly do to the effects of machine knitting putting a lot of lengthwise stress on the knitting. Since the purse ended up being way too wide, I just wacked a couple inches off the one side after it was felted and sewed the side back up (I LOVE that you can do that to felt!). I used the extra little piece to make an eyeglass case. Worked like a charm.

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