Thursday, August 04, 2005

Mad Aunt's on a roll

Mad Aunt's is progressing swiftly. I might actually finish this sweater without starting (being tempted off by) another project. It's knitting up to about 15 st/4" on size 11 needles. The Frisky yarn is so soft and light. It's going to be so comfy. I'm a little concerned about the amount of fluff the yarn has. I'm hoping it won't be too much. The original mohair yarn looks pretty fuzzy in the picture, so I think it should be alright. Don't know how well it will wear, though. I can see this being a pilling nightmare. I'm also wondering about the pattern instructions. I have a bad tendency not to read the whole thing through before starting. I realized last night, there are two sweaters pictured on the pattern, one short, one long. I want to make the long one. The pattern only has instructions for one length. As usual, the pattern has me knitting the back first, which is plain, no pattern. The front has a cable design running up the front. The short has two cable crosses, the long three. I'm guessing I should try to do the math and figure out how many rows/inch I'm getting and make sure I knit the back long enough to accommodate the three crosses on the front. Or, put the back on hold and knit the front first. Guess this should be a lesson to read the pattern first! I've got a while before I need to decide, so on I go with the back.

I feel bad for the Landscape Shawl which has somehow slunk it's way to the bottom of my Knitting bag. I can so relate to Stephanie and her yarn infidelity issues. This summer, I've been trying to finish up all the half done projects I had laying around and have done pretty well. I finished the Harry Potter scarf which had been languishing for months. I decided to rip out what I had knit on the shrug Fayla Reese had done on Knitty Gritty and reknit it on my Bond (two evenings to finish a whole project, can you beat that?). Mine was knit with Bernat DenimStyle in Chino, a nice big rectangle that I hand knit garter stitch cuffs on. Should keep me nice and cozy this winter when reading (or knitting) in bed! There's still a drop shoulder sweater I'm making from Ann Budd's sweater book in scrumptious Malibrigo, but it's too fall like in dark brown/green. I contented myself knitting a purse in Malibrigo Sunset, very summer-y. I also started and finished two tank tops. Oh, and I finished the horrid acrylic baby blanket nightmare (we won't go there). The shawl was going like gangbusters, and I truly love the way it's turning out and the Knit Picks Elegance is a dream. But I'm just smitten with this sweater.

Now, if the heat would just drop below 90 for a few days! Fall just can't get here soon enough. Thank goodness for air conditioning or there'd be no knitting!

Finally, have you seen this? Way cool!

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