Monday, August 08, 2005

Good mail day

Just look at the lovely surprises that arrived in my mail today. First is a cool pair of hand-cranked machine knitted socks.

Aren't they great? They are a gift from someone I dealt with on Ebay. Can you believe it? Someone was nice enough to send a total stranger a pair of socks they made with their own hands. I'm blown away. Now it really MUST cool off so I can wear these bits of loveliness!

As if this wasn't enough to make my day...
The new Rowan also arrived. Since it only comes twice a year, it's always such a cool surprise when it does. Only took a quick glance through, but it looks like it's full of gorgeous designs, as always. Ever since I snagged my first Rowan magazine at a book sale last year for $.75 (can you BELIEVE that?) I have been hooked. I've never actually made anything from the mag, but I've got patterns marked in every issue I've gotten my hands on as "some day" projects.

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